Pinot Grigio, Santi, Italy

$9 / $31

Sauvignon Blanc, O'Mar, France

$9 / $31

Chardonnay, Hybrid, CA

$7 / $24

Rose, Bieler Pere et Fils, France

$9 / $31

White Blend, Rapitala Maltese Bianco, Italy

$8 / $28

Prosecco, Philosophy, Italy

$8 / $30


Cabernet, Silver Peak, California

$8 / $28

Pinot Noir, James Prosody California

$10 / $35

Malbec, Bodega El Esteco, Argentina


Cabernet, Republique, Pasa Robles


Chianti, Fattorie Melini, Italy


Blend, Quinta do Espirito Santo, Portugal


Seasonal cocktails


Classic, Pomegranate, Prickly Pear, Blood Orange


Saratoga Summer Mimosa

Spanish Cava with Watermelon Juice and Basil.



Saratoga Vice

Layers of Pina Colada and Strawberry Daquiri


Froze´ Rose´

Frozen rose wine sweetened with strawberries and lime.


Pink Lemonade Bubble

Pink Lemonade blended with Sweet Wines and a touch of Cava bubbles.


Wine Margarita Pucker

Wine based Margarita topped with Pinot Grigio.




Red Wine Sangria

A blended Spanish red wine mixed with muddled apples, pears, & blackberries, topped with a touch of nutmeg and cinnamon

White Wine, Blackberry & Mint Mojito:

A blended white wine mixed with fresh blackberries, mint, and lime


Traditional Shandy

Craft Pale ale mixed with lemonade



Your choice of white wine with either club soda or ginger ale